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Blog Title: how to remove condensing unit fan blade

Main Que: Tricks for removing a condensing unit fan blade.

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  • Query By: SERGIO STEVENSON (St Paul, CA)
  • Date: 10/24/2014

Answer: Sometimes these things are real hard to get off. Most of the time they are easy to get off using the method below. I use this method all the time. Sand the existing shaft with sand cloth to remove the rust if any of the shaft is sticking up out of the hub. Use WD40 on shaft and lock nut. Loosen lock nut on blade. If the lock nut is stubborn and will not come loose, hit the top of the blade hub a few times lightly with a hammer to help the WD40 vibrate into the threads. If the lock nut or allen screw will still not come loose then you might need to apply some heat with a torch. Cut the existing motor shaft off using an electric hack saw or hack saw. It is tough going using a hand driven hack saw. Once you have the shaft cut off from the motor. Take the blade and lay it down on some concrete. Take a deep well socket 2? to 3? deep and position the socket underneath the hub on the fan blade and on the concrete. Take a hammer and drive the shaft out. When the shaft gets down below the top of the hub use a 3/8? extension to drive the shaft out of the hub. If you mushroom the top of the shaft you might need to drive the shaft back out from the other end a little bit and use a metal file to file away the mushroomed metal so the shaft can be driven out of the hub. Best of luck! This should work. Hope you have a nice day!

  • Replied By: BETH CHAMBERS (Genesee Depot, AR)
  • Replied Date: 10/28/2014